Show news 2013

16.11 Jyväskylä INT,

judge: Marjorie Martorella USA

Northworth Jiggy With It
- VG, jun 3
Backhill`s Scandinavian Style - ecx 3
Northworth Jaggy Wood - ch exc 1, best male , cacib, BOS
Northworth Jive In Jersey - exc
Northworth Jumper Just Fits - exc 2
Northworth Crash Test - VG
Northworth Exact So Elegant - exc 1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-4
Northworth Done With Pride - exc 2
Northworth At Last - Exc 1, Best bitch 4, res.CAC

Northworth BOB breedersgroup

Northworth Exact So Elegant

N. At Last, N. Done With Pride, N. Exact So Elegant, N. Jiggy With It
  National all Bread dog show(CAC), Valmiera(Latvia), 13.10.2013.

Northworth Finally on the Stage -

BOB - Judge: Jaroslav Matyash(Slovakia)
BIG 2 - Judge: Viktor Pilikin (Russia)


Northworth Cash Car - BOB in Hamburg!!!!!!!

We are so proud, judge: Petr Studenik, kennel Black Petrs

Huge congrats Helle Bekker, DK

14.9 Good news from Belarus!!!!!

City Ufa, Championship RKF
Judge: D.Telford

Northworth Go For Goal - CW CAC best male!

  Two of our Lucas, children has made very well in Russia

01.06.2013 Championship RKF Samara Russia
judge: Rita Kadike Skadina

Irzhi Light Breeze (Hochachtungsvoll V.Schloss Hellenstein - Irzhi Violet) - BIG 1, BIS 1!
Irzhi Loveli Shamrock (Hochachtungsvoll V.Schloss Hellenstein - Irzhi Violet) - CW best bitch

  Riga Int 9.6 (Latvia)

Northworth Finally on the Stage - BOB

we congratulate!!!!!!!
  Weekend, 1-2.6

GRANDSLAM for our dogs!

Kellokoski biggest cockershow during the year, 149 entries, judges was David Todd and Sue Warrington GB.

Best imported dog, Best particolour, Best male and BOS:

Best owned by FIN, Best bred in FIN, Best black, Best less 2 years, BOB junior, Best bitch, BOB:

And also Northworth Absurd Variety has been in Minsk gaining her last CACIB, and became, CH, and C.I.E CH
HUGE congrats Marita Ojanen!!!

Loove kellokoski best particolour best of opposite sex, best imported dog.
judges David Todd & Sue Warrington GB


Northworth Exact so Elegant- Westridge Touch of Seduction


"Gemma" - N. Exact So Elegant

Northworth Huge Performance out on his first show in Spain!

BOB-junior and BOB on Madrid INT show!!!

Judges: Mr. Gomzales and Jackie Marris-Bray, "Helenwood"

Owner: Juan Membrado Polo, "Corralet"

19.5 World Winner show, Budapest


JUN & VETERANS & BOB: Rita Kadike Skadina
MALES: Morray Armstrong
BITCHES: Sue Kettle

Northworth Exact so Elegant - EXC, JUN 2
Northworth Absurd Variety - EXC 2
Northworth Embrace Martinian - VG
Ashwind Ivy League - EXC, CH 3
Corralet Indian Savage - Exc 1, BOB, vet BOB, among 6 best in group 8.

Exact So Elegant second best junior bitch at WDS Budapest 2013

Rita Kadike Skadina with Indian

Ashwind Ivy League

No words - just tears...

20.4 Laitila Group show

Northworth Riff Of Rumba - BOB BOG4
Backhill's Scandinavian Style - BOS CAC
Kennel Northworth BIS-Breeder

N. Jaggy Wood - BM2
N. Event Of Dakota - BB2 CAC
N. Absurd Variety - BB4
N. Exact So Elegant - BB5

14.4 Vaasa Int,
judge: Holmli Marianne

Northworth Jaggy Wood - best male 2
Northworth Absurd Variety Best bitch CACIB, BOS
Northworth New Target - 3rd in open
Northworth Exact So Elegant - jun 1, best bitch 3rd, CAC

Northworth BOB breeders group,
7.4 Hyvinkää show
judge: Leikola-Waldén Reia

Manaca`s Yester Year - best bitch, BOS,CAC
Northworth Riff of Rumba -best bitch 2
Northworth Exact So Elegant - jun 1
Westridge Touch of Seduction - best male 2 res.cac
10.3 Eura, judge: Pirjo Aaltonen

Cara`s Jedediah - Best male jun 1, CAC BOS
Backhill`s Scandinavian Style - Best male 2, open 1, res.cac
Northworth New Target - Best bitch, open 1 CAC, BOB
Northworth Riff Of Rumba - Best bitch 3, open 2
Northworth Exact So Elegant - Best bitch 4 jun 2
Kouvola, judge Elena Ruskovaara

Northworth Absurd variety - BOB,
Northworth Jaggy Wood - ch 1, best male 3
Northworth Cash Car at show in Denmark, best junior, best male 4, res.cac, judge Sara Nordin SWE
we congratulate, Helle Bekker

Northworth Imagine of Seduction, BOB puppy, Bis-3
owner Bettine Thorup

judge: Alex Komorowski, Germany

CH Northworth Jaggy Wood - BM 1, BOS
Northworth Jet Black Jake - CAC, CACIB, BM-2
Cara`s Jedediah - junior class 3
Northworth New Target - open class 2
Northworth Absurd Variety - EXC
Northworth Coin Turns Blue - jun 1, res.cac, BB-2
Northworth Done with Pride - EXC, jun 2
Northworth Nine of Lines - EXC
Northworth Pick N`put - EXC

Kennel Northworth - BOB breeder

BOS CH Northworth Jaggy Wood - BOB CH Wilmerella Manaca`s Rumour

Northworth Coin Turns Blue

Northworth Done with Pride

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