Show news 2008


judge: Tord Lundborg, Sweden (Kennel Line Sam)

Northworth Pick N' Put - 1 Price of honour, BOB-puppy
Northworth Jaggy Wood
- 1st youthclass ,best male 2, CAC, CACIB
Northworth Labiate Design - youth exc 2
Sofus WildCard - 1st open 3rd best male res.CAC, res.CACIB
Northworth Echo of Cherokee - open exc 4
Northworth Brave Heart - Exc
Ch Corralet Indian Savage - 1st Championclass 4th best male
Northworth King`s Command - veteran exc 2

Northworth New Target - 3rd exc junior
Northworth Lace A`lame - 1st youthclass , 3rd best bitch CAC, res.Cacib
Northworth Madam`s Match - 1st veteranclass 4th best bitch, BOS-veteran

Northworth - BOB breeder

BOB breeder, Northworth
From left: N. King`s Command, N. Jaggy Wood, N. Echo of Cherokee, N. Madam`s Match

BOB breeder, Northworth
From left: N. King`s Command, N. Jaggy Wood, N. Echo of Cherokee, N. Madam`s Match

From left: N. Jaggy Wood, Sofus Wild Card, Corralet Indian Savage

3rd and 4th best bitch and BOS veteran
Northworth Lace A`lame, Northworth Madam`s Match

Males Michael Tranholm DK (Pilulas)
Northworth Jaggy Wood - Youth exc 1 male
Corralet Indian Savage - Open exc 1 CAC, Res.CACIB, best male 2 , SWE CH title!!

Bitches Kari Haave Swe , (Travis)
Northworth Lace A`Lame - Youth exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB, best bitch 2

I want to thank my daughter Sandra who handled Jiita all the way,
and did a great job. Also thanks to Karin Staaf (Backhills) who gave her dog to another handler and took our Brad into best male instead.

And at last but not least, thank you to both judges who appreciated our dogs so highly, it was extremely pleasant, as both are cocker breeders and the knowledge of the breed is on the highest level.

BOB, BIG Cockergold Cute N`Blue congratulations Lotte & Michael!

Best male, Manaca`s Beat about the bush, 2 Corralet Indian Savage

Northworth Lace A`Lame

open males class

open males class

best bitch competition

Puppyshow Helsinki 30.11
Setters, Big BIS: Eeva Resko

Northworth Roots of Africa
- best male BOS
Northworth Red Riverdance - Best bitch ,BOB, BIG, BIS-4

cockers, judge: Teija Salmi-Aalto

Backhills Scandinavian Style - Best male, BOB, BIG-2
Northworth Rising Elle - Nest Bitch 2




(Northworth Fear for Fight)

Well done Elin and Leif!!!!!!


Benji (Kissankäpälän Bernard) got his exellent too at catshow 2 weeks ago in kittens.
Our loved really funny and crazy boy.


29.11.08 Sillamäe,Estonia
Judge: Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (Poland)


Northworth Be With Me - Bets Bitch 4, BOB-vet


Hamar Int 23.11 , Norw Winner
judge: Michael Gadsby, UK

Northworth Fear For Fight - Cacib, Best Male, BOS, Norw Winner-08

We are so pleased,
congratulations Elin and Leif!


Jyväskylä Int judge Colm Beattie Ireland, 78 entries

CH Corralet Indian Savage - Best Male CACIB, BOS
Northworth Lace A`Lame - intermediate EXC 2


Metz (France) judge: Mr Decuyper (Belgium)

Costopas Forever Mad - CACIB



Northworth Focus On Me - CAC, CACIB



Puppyshow& Matchshow Turku
cockers: Outi Piisi-Putta group: Pekka Teini

Northworth Pick N`Put - Bob, BIG-3

irish setters Marja Salminen
Northworth Roots of Africa - BOB, Group-4
Northworth Red Riverdance - BOS

Northworth New Target - BIS small dogs , BIS-2 ALL. (her first time out)

we are so pleased.
Thanks to judges who did preciate our puppys!


Puppyshow Espoo,
judges: Juha Palosaari cockers, Anja Puumala group and setters

Backhills Scandinavian Style - BOB, Group-2
Northworth Pick N`put, owner Elina Kosunen - BOS

Irish setters judge Anja Puumala
Northworth Roots of Africa -BOS, Best Male
Northworth Red Riverdance -Best bitch puppy-2


Seinäjoki Int
Judge: Petra Junehall, Sweden, group Maria Kavczic, Slovenia

Northworth Jaggy Wood
- jun exc 1, CAC, BOB, Best In Group 2
Sofus Wildcard - youth EXC 2
Northworth Lace A`Lame - youth EXC 1, res.CAC, res.CACIB, Best Bitch 2




BOS: Isbahans Really Unique (Northworth Madman`s Return - Northworth Trust to Saga) - CAC, CACIB


Judge: Andrew Jones GB, puppys Gareth Lawler GB

Backhills Scandinavian Style - best male puppy 2, prize of Honour
Ch Corralet Indian Savage - ch EXC 3
Northworth Lace A`Lame - youth EXC 2
Northworth Jar Against All - open VG

11 -12.10

2 International shows in Athens
Saturday: judge: Niksa Lemo , Croatien.

Northworth Lace A`Lame got BOB CAC, CACIB,

Sunday: Judge Giuseppe Allessandro Italy
We are very pleased!.

BOS: Lochdene Bilberry - BOB: Northworth Lace A`Lame

14.10 Nortworth Dream Shot has now got the work test certificate from EKL so he is now officially EST CH!!

Charleroi (Belgium) under breeder-judge Mrs Geneviève Stéphan

Costopas Forever Mad - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2


Eckerö 28.8 dom Kenneth Edh Sweden

Sofus Wildcard - , EXC 1, Best Male 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Northworth Undertaker - VG 1
Northworth Jack of all Trades - EXC 2
Northworth Lace A`lame - JUN EXC 1, Best Bitch 4


Northworth Kiss so Sweet
is sweaping everything clean in Estonia!!!!!!!

14.09 Tallinn, Estonia Group show for group 2. and 8.
Breed judge Anja Puumala, Finland and Junior BIS judge Karel Horak, Czech Republic

Northworth Kiss so Sweet - EXC and 1st in junior class, BOB JUN, JUN CAC, Best Bitch, BOB, JUN BIS-2!!!
And she become Estonian Junior CH!



Girls had a nice day at an inofficial match show in Turku on sunday 14.9
Northworth Echo of Cherokee BIS-4

Setterpuppy male Northworth Roots Of Africa was out, getting
a bit training, Northworth Red New Pillow was also BIS-4 out of blue ones.


6.09 all breeds show at Lagedi, Estonia.
Breed and group judge: Johan Juslin, Finland.

Northworth Kiss so Sweet - EXC in junior class, JUN CAC, Best Bitch 1, BOB, BIG 1



30.08 Odense Denmark
judge: John Thirlwell

Northworth Quitessence - BOB-2

31.08 Odense Denmark
judge Petr Studenik

Northworth Quitessence - BOB, BIS 4




Kihniö, Judge: Ritva Raita

Northworth Be With Me - Best Bitch 2, BOB -VET


Hämeenlinna INT
judge: Stefan Sinko, Slovenia


Sofus Wild Card - EXC 1, Best Male 1, BOB, CAC, CACIB
Northworth Lace a´ Lame - EXC 1, Best Bitch 1, BOS, CAC


Nkk Drammen, Norway,
judge: Lynne Brand, South Africa

Northworth Fear For Fight - CAC, CACIB, BOS , qualification for crufts!

Congratulations Elin and Leif!!!!

17.8 CACIB dog show in Tallinn

Judge: Lucian Doru Pipas from Romania



Northworth Dream Shot - EXC, EST SERT and CACIB



Kouvola, judge:Kirsti Louhi

Northworth Be With Me - Best Bitch 2, BOS -VET


9-10.08.2008 Saarijärvi
Judge: Sheila Polk USA,

Northworth Jack Of All Trades - Open class . EXC 2, Best Male 3, CAC.




Great news from Estonia.
Northworth Kiss so Sweet has been at show, under mrs Tarja Hovila, in Estonia, results are, BOB junior, CAC, BOB, BIS junior, BIS-3. Congratulations Inga Järv.




judge: Markku Santamäki,

Fin&Rus Mva Northworth Be With Me - Best Bitch 2, BOB -VET



judge: Horst Kettendörfer, Germany


Almanza Hit the Road Jack - Best Male 1, BOB , BIS 2
Hochachtungsvoll VomSchloss Hellenstein - Best Male 2
Northworth Variety Dress - Best Bitch 1, BOS , CAC


judge: Tino Pehar croatia


Northworth Jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 1, Best Male 3, Res CAC
Northworth Lace A`lame - JUN EXC 1, CAC , Best Bitch 1, BOB
Northworth Unexpected Kiss - Working class Very Good 4


judge: Marjo Jaakkola

Northworth jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 2
Sofus Wild Card - Intermediate EXC 1, CAC, Best Male 3
Northworth Lace A`Lame - JUN EXC 2, Res. CAC, Best Bitch 3



Joutseno rn
judge: Rita Kadike-Skadina

Northworth Be With Me - Best Bitch 2, BOB -VET, BIS 1 VET

Congratulations Jenni!


Pieksämäki, Tuomari: Paula Rekiranta


Northworth Jackofalltrades "Brandy" - Open Class EXC 2, Best Male 3, Res. CAC.
Int & Fin & Rus Ch Northworth Trust To Saga
- Best bitch1, BOS
Fin & Rus Ch Northworth Inspirational -
Best bitch 3, BOB-Vet



Northworth Jackofalltrades "Brandy"

Toijala RN


Northworth Labiate Design - JUN EXC 2, Best Male 4, Res. CAC
Northworth Unexpected Kiss - Working class Very Good 1


Northworth Unexpected Kiss



We are very happy for Fernandos (Costopa Forever Mad) debut in France 1.6 Chartres were he was BOB and Won the group.

Congratulations Melanie and Denise!


Spaniel special show, Norway


Northworth Fear For fight - BOB, BIS




Francos sister Fiesta , had her debut in Spain
Madrid INT , mrs Jackie Rowland GB,

Northworth Focus On Me, - intermediate Exc 1, best bitch 2 , res.CACIB
well done Jordi and Laura!


Helsinki Int
judge: Peter Bayersdorf Germany


Northworth LaceA´Lame - JUN 1, Best Bitch 1, CAC, BOB
Sofus Wild Card - Best Male1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Nortworth Jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 1, Best Male 4
Northworth King`s Command - Vet EXC1, BOB veteran

Kennel Northworth - BOB breeder


Irish setters, judge: Ritva Raita


Northworth red Little Thing - BOS
Northworth Red Living Legend - EXC 2, Best Male 4

cocker, judge: Saija Juutilainen

Northworth Labiate Design - VG 4



Rauma, judge: Elena Ruskovaara


Northworth Jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 1, Best Male 4
Sofus Wild Card - EXC 1, CAC, Best Male, BOS
Northworth Higgledy-Piggledy - JUN EXC 1, Best Bitch 3, Res. CAC




KOSKI TL, judge: Leila Kärkäs

Northworth Jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 1, Best Male 2, Res. CAC
Northworth Labiate Desing - JUN VG 2
Northworth Venomous Poison - OPEN EXC 2
Northworth Under Taker - OPEN EXC 3
Northworth Lace A´lame - JUN VG 2


Lahti Int
Judge: Eva Resko Fin

Northworth Jaggy Wood - JUN EXC 1 Best Male 3
Sofus Wild Card - EXC 2
Northworth Lace A`lame - JUN EXC 1, Best Bitch 3 CAC (her first show)
Northworth Gucci Dress- JUN 2
Northworth Precious Hit - CH EXC 1, CACIB, BOB



We congratulate Indian Savage son,

Flyers King of Whisky for Best Male 2 and CAC at Vasa Int.


Jyväskylä Int
judge: Karin Klerholm-Lindhe SWE



Northworth Jaggy Wood- jun 1 CAC, best male , BOS
Northworth Lake Poet - jun exc 2
Sofus Wild Card exc 2, res.cacib, best male 3
Northworth Higgledy-Piggledy - jun 1, CAC, best bitch 3, BOB junior, BIS-4 junior
Northworth Trust to Saga - ch 1, CACIB, BOB

Kennel Northworth - BOB breeder


judge: Elena Ruskovaara

CH Northworth Trust To Saga -EXC 1, Best Bitch 1, BOB, BIG 2
Northworth King's Command - EXC 1, Best Male 1, BOS, BOB -vet, BIS 2 vet
Fin&Rus Mva Northworth Be With Me - EXC -1, BOS -vet.




Happy news from Norway, both dogs we have exported there,
Northworth Fear For Fight and Soolon Sound of Silence got their CAC
and best male 2 best bitch 2, 9.2 , judge Frank Bjerkliund.

Congratulations Elin and Mona!

27.1 Turku International Winter Show

Judge: Will de Vries-Hoogland, The Netherlands
Christen Lang, Norway (puppy class and junior class)


Northworth Labiate Design - BOB Puppy
Sofus Wildcard - EXC 1
Northworth Higgledy Piggledy - EXC1, Best Bitch 3, Res. CAC
Northworth Gucci Dress - Very Good

Northworth Venomous Poison - EXC1, Best Male 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Northworth Braveheart - EXC 2
Jaturga Vom Schloss Hellenstein - Very Good



Turku International Winter Show
Irish setters, Judge: Anja Puumala


Northworth Red Living Legend - Best Male 1, BOS, CACIB
Northworth Red Moonshadow - EXC 4
Northworth Red Little Thing - Very Good
Northworth Red Neatín Sweet - Very Good

Breederclass 2, with Price of honour

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