Northworth Red Sence Of Honour



Born: 27.2.2009


JMV06 PLJV06 PZJV06 JV06 Entice Celtic Legend Bright Soul's Glad All Over A, NN
Withersdale World Wide Web A, NN
Bright Soul's Crown of High Society H, NN
EstV'05 RKFV'06 LTU & RUS MVA A Piece of Glory Cinammon's A, 0/0, NN
Balintyne's Wild About Harry H, NN
Lux J CH, NL & Lux & VDH & SLO & PL CH BDSG '98 & '00 NL V'03 Irish Setter of the year '99 in Holland Vicary's Up To Glory A, NN
Northworth Red New Pillow Copper's Feather In My Cap at Entice B, NN Light My Fire vh Adelaarsvaren B, NN
Copper's Bounce Back B, NN
Copper's Pillowtalk At Northworth AB, NN Pontiac A
GB SH CH NordW'00 FINW'03 Classic Red Aniara B

setstats 1