Other news 2007
14.12 Last hug to Franco ( N. Fear For Fight) before he left to Elin Hallerud - Borgersen, Norway, kennel Skjervtun's. Good luck Elin & Franco!

Alway`s Shakira (owner kennel Allways) is mated with "Lucas" (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein)

6.11 Colin (Juggernaut of War) went to have some holidays to Martins (N. Venomous Poison) family and to play with Martin and the other dogs and get a bit socialtraining at the same time.
Here is pictures how he enjoy his new familylife at the Holmbergs.

New picture of Northworth Wagon To A Star
by Northworth Madmanīs Return x Nortworth Right N`wrong
owner: Evgeny Mamoshouk, kennel Twinsmade


New picture of:


Northworth Lady Beetle
By: Backhill`s New Design
- Jaturga vom Schloss Hellenstein
owner: Michael Tranholm, kennel Pilulas , Denmark


New pictures of Northworth Under The Stars:
By: Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein - Northworth Jar Against All
owner: Camilla Östman, kennel Copper`s Sweden



Our cat wants perhaps grooming and atention...
Happy birthday Nina, 50 years!

As a surprise present, her family and friends had made a make-over in her trimming shop, while she was having a holiday in Greek. Oh yes, she was amazed for the new turqouse colour in those walls, but you should have heard the scream, when she realized that we were waiting to surprise her in the "empty" shop, backroom...


Ruovesi, Field Qualifying test, judge: Sari Saarinen

Northworth Unexpected Kiss - SPA1 (qualified in the field test!)
Owner: Jane Laakkonen, kennel Jalabelle



Pyhäntä, Field Qualifying test, judge: Tiina Karlström

Northworth Charming Shaman - qualified in the field test!

owner: Ida Katajamaa



judge: Juha Junkala


Northworth Reality Show "Astrid" got 48 points in OPEN 1, Wildtrack.

3.8 pictures of Northworth Kiss so Sweet, owner Inga Järv , Estonia,
by: Northworth Thunder N´Bomber - Northworth Jar Against All

Manaca´s Did if For a Dare (by Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein) became Swedish trackingchampion at 4 straight tests, without any training in between!

Congratulations Monica & "Camilla"!

19.6 Lucas (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein) Have had two interesting ladys for mating.
Fin &Est& S u Ch Allways Shakira 11.06 and Caperhill Macarena, 10.06, owner kennel Allways.

Fin &Est& S u Ch Allways Shakira

Caperhill Macarena
15.5 We wish much success and luck, and are going to miss very much our Northworth Thunder N`Bomber, who went to Spain living with Catalina Perez, kennel Bacaranta owner of our first Worldwinner Multichampion Northworth Clap Trap.

Northworth Wagon to a Star "Isaac"

lives in USA with Evgeny Mamoshouk, kennel Twinsmade.
By Northworth Madman`s Return- Nortworth Right N`wrong



We congratulate Virpi Kainulainen with Northworth Trust to Saga
who became our 11th RUS Ch!



After winning CC at Stockholm Int 8.4
Jaturga went to meet her new boyfriend and it was love at
first sight.

Mating 9.4 with Backhill`s New Design, " Toby".
A big thank you to Karin for her fast responce and help.


New optigen result!

Northworth Trip Hammer: optigen A, clear/normal



25.3 Northworth Taste Of Thunder

Owner: Cathie Henriksson, Sweden

We are so happy to be informed today that Northworth Precious Hit
got her Cyprus Champion title!

A BIG THANK YOU to Anna for all help!


our new malepuppy: Bon Jovi


Some results for Northworth Be With Me

(Sire: Westerner Marching Order - Dam:Northworth Quits With Me)
Owner: Huhtinen Jenni

2 x res. CAC
2 x CAC
1 x BOS
1 x BOB
1 x BIG 4
1 x Best Bitch 1
1 x BIS VET-1
1 x BIS VET-2
1 x BIS VET-3
1 x BIS VET-4
2 x Russia CAC

Fieldtest: Hartola 15.8.2004, best dog in competition.

21.2. Congratulations Anna and Photis Panay at Cyprus
For the Cyprus Champion title to Northworth Party Dress!

Hopefully Northworth Precious Hit will recieve
her Cyprus Ch title confirmed in a couple of weeks.

New pictures of
Northworth Taste of Thunder
( Bommerlunder v Scloss Hellenstein-Northworth Occult Taste)
Northworth Until the End
(Hochachtungsvoll v Schloss Hellenstein-Northworth Jar Against All)
owner: Chatie Henriksson, Sweden

3.2. Nina was keeping the first grooming course for cockerspaniels in Estonia.
The course went really well, a lot of cockerenthusiast, were doing their cockers,
and the athmosfere, was positive and happy.
The place was a center for courses a bit outside of Tallinn, nice place with good light and plenty of space.
It was a nice experience and people seems to be happy with the different look of their dogs.
Thanks Inga Järv for really good arrangement!

One of the dogs at the course:

Northworth Dream Shot
owner: Pille Kukk, Estonia

30.1. Northworth A True Hallelujah

dam: Northworth Neat Sight
owner: Tord Lundborg Kennel Line Sam
29.1. New picture of Soolon Sunny Boy

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