Other news 2006

New pictures of:

Thunder of Taboo
(Bommerlunder v Scloss Hellenstein- Northworth Occult Taste)
Owner: Monika Bollinger Germany

  Northworth Point of Waves
(Northworth Talk In Waves- Twinsmade American Pie)
owner: Monika Bollinger Germany

november 2006

In memoriam

Multi Ch
Northworth Again and Again


We wish good luck and congratulate Katerina Papastefanou, in Greece
with Northworth Right N´Wrong who went there mated with Northworth Talk In Waves, and had a litter w 6 puppies.

She got Best bitch and CAC at her first show last weekend, and her
puppies were BOB and Bos,
in puppy class and won BIS puppy in show.

  FIN CH Northworth More than Most "Demi"
(Spinneyhill Sadler - Northworth Vulgar Taste)
Still going strong even if her age is 13 ½, we wish her a couple of
years more to go, and are greatful that Emilia has taken so good care of he
August 2006
Thank you for these years!
We will always miss these three dogs!
  Northworth Red Drama
(manaca`s Yours Sincerelly-N.Madam`s Match)

Two shows in Norway
CC best male2, and jun 2 best male 5

owner Elin hallerud Borgersen
28th may I thank my backups and our Pittstop girls SANDRA and MILLA for all help during the shows.
10th may Thunder of Taboo

Bommerlunder vom Schloss Hellenstein-N. Occult Taste
owner Monika Bollinger Germany
2nd May

Northworth Party Dress mated with
Arg Ch Ur Ch WW-05 Corralet Indian Savage

Owner of N. Party Dress: Photis and Anna Panayi, CYPRUS

20th April

Sandra is doing fine in Cyprus also she did manage to be a part of Cyprus
news both days saturday and sunday
together with Anna and Photis, showing the breeders group
in Nicosia BIS.

Sandra with Party Dress at the show in Nicosia.
18th March Soolon Sunny-Boy optigen result A clear/normal
3th March

Sandra and Chica in Cyprus!

Both has settle down after Nicosia show,
wich went extremely well .
I thank Anna and Photis who takes care of my daughter and my dog
so well and I just love you!

31th March I wish all the best, and good luck to my little darling Sandra, who is leaving for Cyprus,
and stays at kennel Costopa, 6weeks, she will be practising at the English kindergarden in Cyprus.
Also N.Precious Hit will be shown there at the same time.
2nd March Manaca's Xpected Return hips are B!  

New photos:

Black male

Northworth So Mad So Bad born 27.07.05    (N.Madman`s Return - N.Runaway Bride)
 Riikka Sinkkonen, Helsinki


Red male

Northworth Red Drama born  12.07.05   (Manaca`s Yours Sincerely- N.Madam`s Match)    owner  owner Elin Hallerud Borgersen, kennel Skjervtuns, Sweden



27th February Black female

Northworth Under the Stars (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein x Northworth Jar Against All)

Owner: Camilla Ostman,kennel Coppers Sweden


We've got some test results for our cockers!

Northworth Meet at Stop Hips A
Northworth Neet Sight Hips A
Northworth Madman's Return new eye examination: 18th Jan. 2006, no symptoms of PRA and HC

  B/t  male

Northworth Satin N`Gold    (N.Madman`s Return - N.Runaway Bride)    owner Mona Viken  Norway 

  Black male

Northworth Undertaker  (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein- N.Jar Against All)
owner: Maikku Funck, kennel Vretahof, Kemiö

21st February

And another cute b/t female Northworth Version of Tan  "Tuula" (N. Talk in WavesX Fin,Rus CH Twinsmade American Pie)  , owner Elena Gallini  , Italy


News from Russia!

We congratulate breeder Evgeny Mamoshuk, kennel Twinsmade  and co-owner Galina Kotkina with our Northworth Talk in Waves son CH Twinsmade Dressed To Dance for Cocker of the Year 2005 in Russia!

CH Twinsmade Dressed To Dance by Fin,Rus CH Twinsmade American Pie

News from Germany!

Northworth Point of Waves (N. Talk in WavesX Fin,Rus CH Twinsmade American Pie) is PRA free, Optigen A1!

Good luck in the future to Markus and his owner Monika Bollinger/kennel Schloss Hellenstein!

26th January

Once again new photos from Sweden:

 Northworth Under the Stars (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein x Northworth Jar Against All)

Owner: Camilla Ostman,kennel Coppers Sweden

24th January CH Travis Keep It Classy,owner Kennel Backhill Sweden has recieved her puppies with our   Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein  
 5+2 blue-roan & b/w!
23th January Northworth Wagon to a Star has left to Kennel Twinsmade/Russia,owner Evgeny Mamoshuk.

Later on they`re leaving to Chicago,US.Good luck!


News from Sweden!

Northworth Taste of Thunder (by Bommerlunder vom Schloss Hellenstein x Northworth Occult Taste)

  Northworth Until the End (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein x Northworth Jar Against All)

Owner: Chatie Henriksson, Sweden

Coming soon!
  Also kennel Manacas (owner Monica Forsander, Sweden) is expecting puppies by our Lucas (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein) and CH Manaca's Oops I Did It Again. Mating was done 31st December.  
  Kennel Backhill (owner Karin Staaf, Sweden), is expecting puppies by our Lucas (Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein) and CH Travis Keep It Classy. Mating was done 24th November.

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