Other news 2009
19.11 Jaggywood, Brad came home.
He had a couple of nice litters in Cyprus and got his necessary results for CY CH titel.

Thanks Anna and Photis that you took good care of our handsome boy.




Northworth Absurd Variety (LUX CH Sofus Wild Card -Northworth Variety Dress) female.

Owner: Marita Salminen


Northworth Roots of Africa " Ronnie"

hips: B/B


Nina and Sandra decided to deliever personally those 4 puppies wich were going to Italy to their new owners. Actually it went much cheaper and definately
more convinient. At the same time we visit Giovanni Majolino, in Parma (about 2 hours from Milan) had a couple of hours with lunch at his place, before moving on to a petshop to groom "Rafael" Northworth Train on Tour, who lives with Mr Pecciari, and been doing well there.
We left behind Northworth Be Queen Bee who is going to be co-owned by Mr Majolino and Nina.
After grooming... an interesting train journey back to Milan were our hotel was.
Next day we had a very intensive shopping time with a lot of walking in center of Milan.
In the evening some realaxing and dancing of course.


Sandra was a success at Milan airport with her miniature kennel
N. Element of Iron, N. Be Queen Bee, N. Dirty Destiny, N. Born By Bear

Lunch at Mr. Majolinos house with our new friend (the translator) Barbara.

The garden

Last photos of Jessica, N. Be Queen Bee before leaving her with Giovanni.

Mr pecciari with his new baby.

Rafael after the grooming (N.Train On Tour)

Sandra shopping in center of Milan.

Center of Milan

Going out in the evening perhaps........


"Tuutu" Northworth Kiss So Sweet, äowner Inga Järv, Estonia took part of agility competition this weekend (29-30.08). First she participated in unofficial beginners class, where she won 1st place. After that she was running in official competition and got 3rd place. It was her first real competition in agility!

She were also training for hunting test. :)

Northworth Reality Show - got VOI1 at tracking trial!
By: Manaca´s Yours Sincerly - Northworth Madam´s Match
Owner: Lise-Lott Nyman

Northworth New Target "Chilli"

Pra Clear/NN


We welcome N CH, N Winner -08 Northworth Fear For Fight "Franco" who is going to stay with us and mate our Northworth Guilty N´Cry .

Franco is optigen A and has A hips.

1.4 We gladly inform that Northworth Mad Situation´s FIN CH title is now confirmed.

we are so so pleased!!

"Franco" Northworth Fear for Fight - Optigen A

Yahoo Elin and Leif.!!!

Nina had a priviledge to be invited to the cockerspaniel conference in Sweden last weekend.
On saturday Mr David Shields (Wilholme) UK, introduced us to the cockerspaniel breed standard.

As moderator and translator was mrs Annika Ultveit-Moe, a well known judge and breeder.
Nina was kindly asked to bring over two dogs (Indian Savage and Madam`s Match) there. In addition to these dogs, several other high quality cockers was presented during the day, in order to make the presentation easier to absorb and more interesting.

´´Sandra was as my help and companion. I have to say that even if I have heard speeches during my life, this was one of the most interesting and well presented I´ve ever experienced. A bit of between-the-lines humor contributed nicely to the presentation. As we saw dogs standing on the table and saw some different types of dogs, it was easier to follow everything David said and explained about the breed standard. This event was arranged with good ideas and execution. We met new friends, had a relaxing and good time overall.

I do hope Finnish cockerclub would arrange such an occasion here in Finland too.

Satuday evening finished with the Cocker of Cocker gala. The identity of the judge was kept secret until the last minute. The Swedish Cockerclub had made it a bit interesting by arranging a competition about it. There
was a couple of clues on their homesite in order to help you guess who this judge could be. There was also a price for the winner.

After an exellent dinner Nina trimmed one of the dogs wearing a silver nightdress. A typical grooming dress. Right? After that the event continued with the revealing of the judges identity. She was Mrs Sue Telford (Courtmaster, UK) as stylish as always.

Winner of puppies was Manaca`s Pull No Punches, Cocker of Cocker was Maxi Mates Flying Dutchman and
Winner of Veterans was Backhill`s Doris Day.

After a remarkable day we got in bed 4 o`clock in the morning, back home with the morning ferry 7.45. We had at that point went throu once changing to Swedish time and once changing to summertime, so I`m still surprized that we managed to the harbour correct time, but we did.

´´Warm thanks to the Swedish Cockerclub for inviting us to the event. We also thank everyone at the event for their good company. And last but certainly not least David and Annika for a job well done.´´ And Daniel who probably did`t sleep at all, Gilbert and Jane who drove us up and down.

Nina and Sandra




Our happy red boy N. Jaggy Wood, "Brad", went to Cyprus to stay with Anna and Photis Panay, "Costopa", he will return later this year, after been shown and having some matings.Showresults from his first shows at shownews.
Take Care of my handsome boy, and congratulations for his first super results.



Northworth Lake Poet

(Backhill`s New Design- Jaturga v Schloss Hellenstein)




Our boy Sofus Wild Card went out for a journey, he is going to stay in France for awhile , with Mrs Denis Mangold, Forman`s american cockers near Paris.
Have a good time with our boy and hopefully success at dogshows and is available for stud.
Also a red female puppy Northworth Yell for Glory, moved over with them.


Link: Formans cockers


We wish good luck to Mr Pecchiari, in Italy
with Northworth Train On Tour ; "Raphael".




We will gladly inform that
Multi CH EUW-06 Northworth Mad Situation

Will be staying with us, and is available for stud for a longer period of time.
We will mate Northworth Jar Against all with him during the weekend.


We had visitors from Estonia, Ch Northworth Dream Shot was mated with Sofus Wild Card owner Pille Kukk.




We proudly announce that NORTHWORTH KISS SO SWEET; became cocker of the year
2008 in Estonia, owner Inga Järv. CONGRATULATIONS


We wish good luck and joyful moments to kelly Monroe, Calypso, USA with sweet Vince, Northworth Vail of Honour (Flyers Zim Bean - Northworth
Taste to Knight) who left us today for a long journey.




Franco, (Northworth Fear For Fight), latest pictures,
when Nina was last weekend visiting Elin and Leif in
Norway, making the last finish to Franco.
Isn`t he beautiful.

14.1 Manaca`s Unblushing Dream gave birth to 3+3 red
The puppies are by Ur J Ch, Ur.Ch, Swe CH, Arg. WW-05 Corralet Indian Savage

We wish Natascia Longhi, in Itlay good luck, and
joyful moments with our, loved and highly missed Northworth Higgledy

We hope u take good care of Eevi this most inteligent and fantastic bitch.




Very Sad News from Sweden, Monica Forsander, have lost her dear
Walter, SU(u)CH NUCh DKUCH NORDCH NV-05 VEUW-06 VWW-08 Manaca´s Yours Sincerely
by our grand late star Northworth madman`s Return,
he was as his father a great personality and a joy and pride
for his owner. We are very sorry too.


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