Other news 2008

New pictures of Northworth Echo of Cherokee
by Corralet Indian Savage - Northworth Jar Against All





"Jasu" Northworth Transfer Time having her first snowballs.

Colin (Northworth Juggernaut Of War) has moved to his new home, with Eija Airaksinen, Syvänniemi (close to Kuopio)
He is co owned with Helena Ravolainen (kennel Moselake`s).
He lives at countryside with two companions a cocker and a terrier female.
We wish all the best to him and his new family, and feel sad, but happy for him.
We are going to miss this sweet and kind dog, who did just love to lay on his back or on the lap and get touched and huged.
10.11 We had visitors from Sweden:
CH Manaca`s Unblushing Dream is mated with CH Corralet Indian Savage.

New piuctures of "Eevi" Northworth Higgledy-Piggledy

6.11 we are pleased that N. Jaggy Wood, N. Jugernaut of War and N. Event of Dakotas hips were great, A/B, A/B, and A/A.

We wish good luck to Jane and Gilbert Jarefors in Sweden kennel Häljans with Northworth Transfer Time.


Northworth Right N´Wrong who lives with Katerina Papastefanou in Athens, she has totally about 15 cc`s from two countries , and leading the cocker of the year in Greece.

Thanks to Katerina for a wonderful week, we had our ups and downs but she is always going to be my dearest friend.

The beach cross the road from Katerinas house, Jiita spending time with her Greece friends on the top of the roof of a 5 floor high building.

We wish good luck and great success to Anita Pedersen in Norway, with
Northworth New Hitman, "Chevy", who left us today.


Northworth Gucci Dress and Northworth Under Taker has passed the fieldtest!


7.8 Northworth Dream Shot "in action" , owner: Pille Kukk, Estonia
2.7 We are very pleased.
4 dogs was DNA tested for Pra
N. Precious Hit, N. Madam`s Match, N. Guilty N`cry, and Jaturga vom Schloss Hellenstein ALL of them; Normal/clear.
30.5 We welcome Randy, Backhill`s Scandinavian Style, to our showteam.
(S u Ch Line Sam someone to Hug - Backhill`s Natalie Wood)

30.5 We did decide that it was time for Chevy to get rid of his winterjacket, as he looked like a woolyball. After 3 hours of hard stripping, you may see the difference. Here photos before and after.
7.5 Northworth Lake Poet, optigen normal/clear
owner Sanna Kuru
17.4 Picture of Jaturga vom Schloss Hellenstein - Backhills new design
son Northworth Lake Poet.



8.4 New picture of Jaturga vom Schloss Hellenstein - Backhills new design daughter Northworth Lady Beetle
owner: Michael Tranholm, Denmark




Sandra has been away for almost 4 weeks now. She enjoys her life in Africa, and manages well with difficulties in maintaining order and discipline with children there.
Almost + 40 in the daytime keep people inside, and just so and so are scandinavians able to cope, if they get to the beach.
The new hairstyle took 3 hours and did cost only 6 euros.

12.3 Good news today,
Northworth Mad Situation, N. Bloody Mary and N. Party Dress OPTIGEN clear/normal
we are as happy as Anna and Photis in Cyprus.

We had a visit from Denise and Melanie (France)
and they did lay their eyes on Fernando, "Costopa Forever Mad" so he did leave us and went to France, were hopefully he will enjoy, and have a great showcareer.

Good luck with this happy stylish boy, Denise and Melanie.

1.3 My sweetheart Sandra went to Ghana (Africa) to practice at a kindergarden for 6 weeks, mom is sad and miss her, but sends a lot of love and hope she is safe, come back healthy and some experiences ritcher my girl!!!!!!
29.2 We wish good luck to Jordi Rueda
and Laura Sanches in Spain with Northworth Focus On Me
19.2 Northworth Mad Situation Northworth Bloody Mary, Northworth Party Dress all are Fn clear.

Martta, Sandrulla and Mou Mou exploring and having fun in Linköping.
Thanks mom for the great trip!

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