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Manaca`s Yester Year

Born 16.12.2008

By: SU(u)CH SVCH Manaca's General Idea - SU(u)CH NUCH NORDV-06 SVCH Manaca's Undesingned Dream

Northworth At Last

born. 11.7.2011

by: LUX CH Sofus Wild Card - Northworth Event Of Dakota

Northworth Tale of Target

born. 11.4.2014

By: FIN CH EST JV-06 Flyers Zim Bean - Northworth New Target

Northworth New Target

born 2.10.2007

By: Northworth Talk In Waves - Northworth Precious Hit

Northworth Rising Elle

Born: 4.11.2011

By: Hochachtungsvoll v Schloss Hellenstein - Northworth Guilty N´Cry

Northworth Jet Black Jake

Born: 19.01.10

By: Help's Cappuccino - Northworth New Target

female, 31.03.2011
By: Pilula's Nonus Neinar Chocolademand  -  Northworth High Hit

Northworth Variety Dress
female, 16.11.05
By: Northworth Talk In Waves - FIN CH, RUS CH Twinsmade American Pie

Northworth Absurd Variety
black female, Born 28.11.2008
  owner: Marita Salminen
By: LUX CH Sofus Wild Card -Northworth Variety Dress

Northworth Higgledy Piggledy
2 x res. CAC, 1 x CAC, BOB-junior, BIS 4 junior
black female, Born 16.02.07
  owner: Natascia Longhi, Itlay
By: Northworth Thunder N' Bomber - Northworth Variety Dress

Northworth Juggernaut Of War
black male, born 6.5.2007
  owner: Eija Airaksinen & Helena Ravolainen, Syvänniemi
By: SU(u)CH Woodman Black Petrs - Northworth Madam's Match

Northworth Trip Hammer
black male born 31st May 1996
By: Weewaddle Hot Hottentot - Northworth May I Taste

Northworth Gabbana's Suite
Born 2.2.2007, black male
by Northworth Talk In Waves x Twinsmade American Pie

Northworth Under The Stars
black female born 17.08-06
  owner Camilla Östman, kennel Copper`s Sweden
By: Hochachtungsvoll vom Schloss Hellenstein - Northworth Jar Against All

Help's Black Magic
born 21st May 2000, Hips A, black
BIS Winner at Cocker Club of Finland!
Imp. Argentina
by Helenwood Cuminandy x Primacy Witch of Carlang (blue roan)

FIN CH Northworth More than Most
by N CH SH CH  Spinneyhill Sadler x INT & FIN & DK & ESP CH EUW-93 Northworth Vulgar Taste
Owner: Emilia Heinikainen.

 Northworth May I Taste
Swe CH & NordW-99, Fin Winner '02 & '04
7 BOB, 12 BOS, Cocker of the Year 2004
by N CH SH CH  Spinneyhill Sadler x INT & FIN & DK & ESP CH EUW-93 Northworth Vulgar Taste
Have a look at her progeny!

 Northworth Obvious Pearl
Several BOB's, BIG-placements, best cocker in Finnish Kennelclub's Dog of the Year 2003 competiton, 2nd best spaniel 2003 and best cocker 2003, BIS2 in Spaniel Club's show 2003
by Carrier Really Pearl x Northworth May I Taste

owner Hanna Nyman

Northworth Pin'nacle

4 CC's, 4 BOB's, 3 BIG's
by INT &FIN & EST &DK CH KBHV-94 Sheerclever French Memories x Swe CH & NordW'99 & FINW'02 Northworth May I Taste

 Northworth Ilang-Ilang




by DKCH KLBCH VDH CH KBHV'98, '99 Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex x Northworth Hue N' Cry

Millions Of Luck
born 16 July 1981, female
by FIN CH Leavenworth Wish Me Luck x Northworth Farewell Kiss

Northworth Another Fashion
born 4th June 1983, male
by N CH Hubbestad Privat Fashion x FIN CH Arabeskin Amilla

Northworth Needle In Heart
Cocker of the year 1993 in Finland, group winner
born 4th February 1989, female
by Bryansbrook Sundance x INT & FIN CH Northworth Millions Of Luck

Northworth Final Farewells

FIN CH, BIS Winner
born 20th September 1990, male
by Northworth Volant Tiger x Millions of Luck

Northworth Ozzys Comeback
Winners dog at his second show in USA and reserv winners dog at his 3rd show!
by Multi CH & W Northworth Madman's Return x Northworth Right N' Wrong

owned by Mrs Patty Ek, USA

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