Kennel Northworth - a very small presentation

Kennel Northworth has bred english cockerspaniels since 1974. We are one of the leading and oldest cockerspaniel breeders in Finland. We are also the only english cockerspaniel kennel in the world wich has bred three different World Winners. Our high quality cockers are well known around the world.

We have had many successfull dogs during the years, and some of them will be found on this site. We have exported dogs to many countries, i.e. Sweden, Norway, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, New Zealand and Cyprus. Following dogs exported to USA by us has gained their AM CH title: Northworth Walk All Over, N. Warning Sign, N. Iceneedle, N. United Will Be, N. Ring Over, N. Madman's Return and Zeiban's I'm Summergirl, Diamonhill's Mr. Stuntman, Westerner Marching Order.

Several dogs by us has gained Finnish Winner titles. In order:

- Winner 1986 Northworth Another Fashion (black male)
- Winner 1992 Doublemint Nearly Perfect (red male)
- Winner 1995 Northworth Madman's Return (black male)
- Winner 1998 Paisley's Hit Mix (blue roan bitch)
- Winner 1999 Northworth Trip Hammer (black male)
- Winner 1999 Northworth Ilang-Ilang (black bitch)
- Junior Winner 2000 Northworth Hit On Ice (bitch)
- Winner 2002 Northworth May I Taste (black bitch)
- Winner 2004 Northworth May I Taste (black bitch)

Our World Winners are INT & FIN & ESP CH WW'92 Northworth Quick To Use (red bitch), INT & FIN & PORT & ESP CH WW'92 Northworth Clap Trap (red male) and AM & INT & FIN CH EuJW'94 WW'95 Belg.W'95 FINW'95 WW'98 NordW'01 ECM Northworth Madman's Return (black male).

Learn more of our dogs on these pages. If you are interested in a high quality english cockerspaniel or irish red setter, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ms. Nina Kauhanen