LUX CH Sofus Wild Card

"Bon Jovi"

7 x CAC, res CAC, res. CACIB, 4 x BOS, 2 x BOB, 4 x CACIB, BIG 4
born 1.11.2006
Hips: A/A, Fn clear by parentage
Eye examination clear 12/15

Our Bon Jovi went out for a journey to France,
with Mrs Denis Mangold, Forman`s american cockers near Paris.
He came back to Finland in January 2011.

Quettadene Footsteps GBCH
Canigou Cambrai
Cleavehill Pot Of Gold
Crankwood Miss Happy
Quettadene Melissa GBSHCH
Perrytree The Dreamer
Quettadene Serena With Amberway
Sofus Tarantella NLCH
Sofus Blacksombrero
Spinneyhill Sadler
Merrybeck Melodymaker Ofspinneyhill
Sofus Pipelina GBSHCH NUCH
Spinneyhill Sadler
Sofus Piping Hot